Vet Testimonials


Here are some comments from KLaser clients in the UK.

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Macqueen Veterinary Centre

Susan Holt RVN from Macqueen Veterinary Centre discusses her experiences of using K-Laser.


Video Testimonial from Oundle Vets

Oundle Vets have been using a K-Series therapeutic laser since July 2012. This video gives a vet nurses perspective on using the K-series laser in practice. It highlights the benefits class 4 laser therapy brings to the pets, client relationships and practice as a whole.

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“It wasn’t that I wasn’t expecting to see results, it was the fact that the results were happing more quickly than I expected…. We book them as 15 minute appoints…You really do build up a bond with owners because you’re spending that time with them…. You’ve got the opportunity to discuss other ways you can help them or ways in which they can benefit from any other services we offer….It’s got everyone working together.”
Debbie Cornish, Veterinary nurse, Clerkenwell Animal Hospital, London England

“What amazed me was the return on investment and goodwill from clients whose pets were undergoing laser therapy. Right from the beginning we were seeing on average 6 cases per day and turning over close to £1000 every week. This is new money coming into the practice and differentiates us from the surrounding veterinary practices.”

“Apart from the initial consultation and follow up assessment near the end, this is an entirely nurse lead team. My highly qualified nurses are able to spend time with each patient and see the improvements with the owners over the sessions, this has benefits for all aspects of the services we offer small animal clients.”

Darren Partridge MRCVS, owner of Molesey Veterinary Centre

“We have had a number of successes that can only be put down to the influence of the K-laser. They include: a rapid resolution of a difficult infected, non-union plated forelimb fracture referred from another practice, improve recovery times after TPLO surgery, significant pain reduction and lameness in animals with elbow arthritis or degenerative joint disease where NSAIDS have ceased to be effective, and impression wound healing where significant skin loss occurred after a dog attack meant that a large area of secondary intention healing needed to take place.”
Mark Lindfield MRCVS, owner of Clerkenwell Animal Hospital, London, England

“When discussing laser therapy, the first thing that impressed me was the amount of enthusiasm the clients showed. All have been intrigued with this treatment modality. I was a little concerned initially about owner compliance, especially during the start of treatment, but all seemed more than willing to return for successive treatments. After each animal had the first few sessions, the results became apparent. They were good! Not only from a post-surgical pain/inflammation viewpoint, but also from animals which have been struggling with osteoarthritis for a long while. The most successful case so far is a 5 year old Lab which has been struggling with OA due to bilateral elbow dysplasia since only a few months old… it’s had every form of treatment to date, with only mildly satisfactory results. Since starting laser therapy, the dog is now able to get up without difficulty, exercise well, and bound around like its been wanting to do for years. My other main experience involves using laser therapy for delayed/non-union fractures. When these animals were diagnosed with delayed/non-unions, laser therapy was started, and 3-4 weeks further on, healing was evident in all but one case without further surgical intervention. I’m thrilled with the results this piece of technology has given us so far.”
Shaun Smith BVetMed, CertSAS, MRCVS, Northlands Vet Hospital

 “Great results, love the machine and working with clients. Well over 50+ individual cases treated in 3 months, delivered 335 sessions so far, all cases had a good response, some more than others, overall 95% of cases had a significant improvement. It is used on a daily basis, some days up to 12 sessions, other days 2 or 3. We charge £29.00 per sessions. Client compliance is fantastic, also got new clients. We are doing a clinical study on wounds, with phenomenal results: one dog had his paw sliced over a piece of glass, wound 4-5cm long, 1.5cm wide, 1 cm deep, stitched twice, it wasn't healing: after 5 applications the wound was completely gone! We use it mostly on osteoarthritis and musculoskeletal injuries, cruciate operations, hip dysplasia. Most of cases can reduce medications and even come off completely.”
Mr. James Bigglestone MRCVS and Miss Jo Williams RVN, Village Vets, North Wales.

“We use it at least 2 - 4 times per day: arthritis, back, hips, cruciate ligament in a dogs, musculo- skeletal injuries, pre/post orthopaedic cases, a cat with broken jaw that improved immediately after laser therapy, elderly dogs with osteoarthritis alongside with acupuncture (pet are more lively if they had laser + acupuncture, than acupuncture alone). Some reactions are instant: Hayley's dog stopped limping after the first application. Everybody notices improvements after the course of 6 apps. Client compliance is very good, we have new clients coming in by word of mouth having met patients we have treated.”
Lisbeth Lester MRCVS, Lester Pet Care, Wigan, Lancashire.

Insurance Company Sponsors Vets New K-Laser!

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