Electronic Therapy Records (ETR)


The K-CUBE is now the only therapy laser available that records, displays, and can export every single detail about every single treatment you deliver. What does this mean to you? The K-CUBE sports the cleanest, most intuitive organization of your patient data within the device. You are used to being able to create patients (either from the patient menu or by creating a name in any of the treatment selection screens), but until now, you have not been able to access these patients' previous treatments. You may want to re-treat a shoulder that a patient had issues with last visit, or dig deeper into his/her history to treat an older elbow injury. Now, from the Patient List you can select any of your patients, then either view their previous history or simply repeat the most recent therapy.


From a logistics standpoint, if you want to export all of the laser treatments into your practice management software, inside the Setup menu there is a View History button that retrieves (and exports if asked to) the entire laser's data. This is even useful if you simply want to see how often the laser is being used so that you can track just how integrated the K-Laser is into your practice.

This is a revolutionary step in laser integration and a very proud moment in K-CUBE's history. Enjoy the fruits of our labour. Download the flowchart to experience the intuition.